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The Treatment Process

Colonic irrigation / Colonic Hydrotherapy - what to expect - the device, treatment process and aftercare

What device is used and why

Our therapists use the market leading medical research colonic hydrotherapy machines - the  Dotolo Toxygen. The Toxygen is a "closed system" colonic irrigation device. A closed system is described as one that allows water to enter the colon through a disposable plastic tube and waste material to exit through a larger tube, from there it flows through an observation tube and into the drainage system. The water temperature and pressure are controlled by a therapist guided by gauges on the instrument. The regulation of the temperature and pressure can be customized to the patient's comfort. There is no open evacuation and no offensive odours. The patient is fully draped; their dignity is respected at all times.

Step 1 - The Consultation Form

A consultation form is available on our website, this would be completed and brought along to your first appointment, this information is what we review when assessing your suitability for a Colonic treatment. As we are all individuals, and the colonic hydrotherapy treatment is personalised to your needs and requirements, this form gives the therapist vital information to decide how to treat you. The questions are based around lifestyle, medical history and any possible contra-indications to colon hydrotherapy. On arrival you will hand your completed form to the therapist and once reviewed she will answer any questions, queries or concerns that you may have before your treatment starts.

Step 2 - Before the Treatment

All our treatment rooms are located in a discreet part of the building, they are of first class quality with regards to hygiene, safety, the environment is light and bright as well as private and relaxing. Our treatment rooms all have an en-suite toilet providing the ultimate private environment. You will be given a disposable gown and briefs to change into in private prior to the treatment. You will then lay on the couch where the therapist will explain to you how the Colonic system works. The treatment will then be able to start.

Step 3- The Treatment

Prior to colonic hydrotherapy treatment avoid any food / liquid for approximately 2 hours.

If this is your first Colonic, it is best to make no lifestyle changes prior to the treatment; this allows the therapist to evaluate your colon's performance in its 'usual' state. The first treatment is an educational experience for most, creating great awareness and insight to the individuality of our digestive systems and being able to see first-hand how effective your body is at eliminating waste.

Step 4 - How does Colonic Hydrotherapy Work?

The treatment begins with you lying on the couch on your side, sterile warm water is passed into your colon through a speculum tube inserted into your 'back passage' (rectum), although you can feel the presence of the speculum, it is not painful. The infusion of warm, pure filtered water into the bowel will start to soak old, hardened compacted waste matter and re-hydrate the body. The temperature is controlled by the therapist between 32-39 degrees Celsius to ensure it is a comfortable sensation.

The water acts as a stimulant telling the colon it's full, the muscle responds by contracting which is the colons natural muscle movement (peristalsis). Waste is then eliminated  by acting in the same way as when your bowel is naturally full and you have the feeling you want to go to the toilet. This process is repeated several times throughout the treatment (approx30-45 mins). To aid the elimination process your therapist will use colon massage techniques to encourage the bowel to empty.

The bowel will absorb a lot of the water infused, giving your body a much needed drink, this leads to feelings of well-being from the re-hydration process. Once your body starts to discard old waste matter which has been hanging around too long, you can start to feel fresher, brighter and more energetic.

Step 5 - After Your Treatment

Once the treatment is complete, the therapist will give you a complementary probiotic and glass of water, together this will replenish all of lost 'gut flora' that you experienced throughout your Colonic Irrigation treatment. Only when you have had your first Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment, will the therapist be able to assess your requirements for follow up treatments (if needed).

Step 6 - What to Expect  at Home

Following your colonic and the subsequent clearing of bowel waste, it may take two to four days before your bowel resumes 'normal' activity. As water is absorbed through the bowel wall during a Colonic, this may enhance the need to urinate for a few hours afterwards. This flushing of the kidneys is of great benefit to the cleansing process and may be enhanced by adding the juice of half a lemon to the water you drink afterwards.

Step 7 - Do's and Dont's

A Colonic has a profound effect on your wellbeing; ideally you would keep the rest of the day for relaxation which enables your body to continue the cleansing process. For some tiredness may be experienced for a couple of days after the Treatment, especially if conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or habitual constipation have existed for some time.

You may continue light to moderate exercise, only if you are used to it. Any strenuous activity should be avoided for up to 24 hours.

For most a light diet should be followed for two to three days after a treatment consisting of fruit and vegetables, salads, soups, chicken or fish

Colonic hydrotherapy does not remove all of the intestinal bacteria; therefore it is extremely beneficial to take probiotics to maintain bacterial balance.

Paula Atkinson
Colon Hydrotherapist & Digestive Health Consultant

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