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1) Colonic £79

2) Colonic & coffee or herb infusion £94

3) colonic & premium Intollerance test £278

4) colonic & premium Intollerance test & coffee enema £293



A deposit  is required for booking single treatments or consultations.

All Sunday appointments are required to be pre-paid in full.

Colonics North East & Healthy Detox has appointed to a fully professional, qualified Colon Hydrotherapist. In order to keep the charge at the current reasonable rate, it is necessary for Colonics North East & Healthy Detox to keep a well managed appointment system. If you cannot make your allocated appointment, a minimum of 72 hours notice is required for your session to be reallocated. Less than 72 hours notice will incur a fee. Colonics North East & Healthy Detox understands exceptional unforeseen circumstances may occur, and such cases will be discussed separately.

For any more information about colonics or the products we use, please don't hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to talk you through any issues or queries you may have.