Juice FAQ's

Please Note 48hr order notice is required

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pre-order my detox / cleanse?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our juice cleanses & detox packages. The ingredients are purchased and the juice made fresh on the same day, these are made-to-order in limited quantities and blast frozen to ensure the freshness & quality is sealed, therefore, all our packages must be pre-ordered via online or telephone 48 hours in advance.

How do I order?

You can order through our website choosing which cleanse / detox you require, by telephone on 07702788221 / 0191 5845811 or via email paula@cneuk.com

Payment and Collection terms

Full payment is required via our online system (PayPal) or via telephone (credit / debit) credit card charge = 3% e.g. 3-day Juice cleanse £54.00, 3% charge = £1.62 total cost ££55.62. Debit cards incur a £1.00 flat charge. All Juice orders are non refundable due to the order & kitchen process as well as fresh quality guarantee. You can collect your order from the clinic in Durham or Guisborough.

Can I have home delivery?

Yes, within a 25-mile radius of either clinic. We ensure the freshness & quality of our juices therefore, require someone to be home for your delivery, Home delivery incurs a £10 delivery charge.

What days can I collect from the clinic?
Durham Clinic – usually Sundays or Mondays
Guisborough Clinic – usually Tuesdays

Juices will be frozen allowing you to prepare & order in advance.

How are our juice / detox packages different to those purchased in a supermarket?

In basic terms - LIVE v DEAD
Our juices are living, fresh, raw, and have no chemicals added.
Most supermarket juices are pasteurised (heated at high temperatures) thus destroying live enzymes and vital nutrients, as well as minimising flavor and quality, this process by mass produced companies is used to reduce pathogens (basically sterilising the freshly juiced produce). This Heat process kills the enzymes; this means you’re consuming ‘Dead Food’ you may as well eat the living room carpet
LIVE ENZYMES are essential and only readily available through FRESH RAW ingredients (fruit and vegetables) – keeping our skin radiant and young looking).

How does the juice stay ‘Alive’?

Our juices are fresh for 72 hours once defrosted at home due to the cold press juicing action. We require you to continue to freeze your juices and transfer to the refrigerator the evening before consumption.

What causes juice to separate whilst it’s defrosting / refrigerated?

Raw juice will separate.!
This is your reassurance they’re FRESH, there’s no chemicals added. Just give it a little shake

Can I exercise while on a cleanse?

Be gentle and mindful, don’t overdo it. In essence all you’re doing is removing the mechanical process of the mouth and the digestion process, most clients following a cleanse are actually better fed and nutritionally balanced that ‘normal’. When covering holidays for the Colonic Therapist at Juicy Oasis I survive perfectly on 4 juices every day whilst working an average of 12 hours per day. Ease into exercise if you’re not used to it, maybe go for a light jog, walk. Yoga Pilates. If you’re used to more vigorous exercise be mindful to drink approx. 2 litres of water on top of your juices to avoid dehydration. .

I want to lose weight whilst doing a detox / cleanse?

Although many of us will experience weight loss by kick-starting this healthier FRESH food lifestyle, The main reason for detoxing / cleansing is to give our Liver and digestive system a much needed rest, by resting these organs and removing toxins, we’re replenishing it with vital nutrients. You will notice a reduction in inflammation throughout the whole body, e.g. ‘tummy bloat’ fingers, eyes, face to name a few. Losing weight is a bonus, it’s not the goal.

Can I do a detox while pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should always consult with your doctor or health visitor. Personally I would not restrict your diet to liquids only, those extra calories and nutrients required in your diet maybe be compromised if your Juices are not high enough in essential fats and calories
However, adding cold pressed juices to your general diet especially the ones with essential fats e.g. Banana / avocado whilst pregnant / breastfeeding will give you added vital nourishment your body and mind will be grateful for during this time. FRESH RAW cleanses are designed for most wanting to introduce a healthy way of living; however, there are certain people who should not do it or are advised to wait.

Which cleanse is right?

All results are dependent on your aims and expectations, what you personally want to achieve from the detox / cleanse programme.

I’ve worked with clients for digestive health and weight loss since 2005, sometimes the fear of abstaining from chewing for 1 day never mind 7 days or 28 days is enough to create self sabotage, FEAR can hold us back from achieving even the simplest of tasks. Therefore, I prefer to speak to my clients direct and understand what they would like to achieve. Sometimes small steps are all we need. The 5-day detox / (3 step cleanse) is the most popular programme undertaken by my clients: not too short, not too long. If 5 days fills you with Dred, then you could try a 3-day detox and always add to it once you ‘find your feet’

Planning your detox / cleanse by making yourself, your mind and your body No 1 priority where you can truly ‘Listen’ to your body is in my opinion the perfect reward and starting point for repair.

Are juices suitable for Infants or Children of all ages?

OMG YES, Introducing children to ‘LIVE’ Nutrition has to be the most responsible behaviour you can do to encourage your children to adapt. As a mother of a boy 21 & girl 17 I understand the struggles of helping to keep them nourished and informed. I'm constantly reminded mainly through ‘clever’ advertising of how undernourished our kids are and overfed with ‘DEAD FOOD’. Fresh Juicing is the ultimate tool to ensure LIVE ENZYMES & NUTRIENTS are consumed easily - Yes, they can all be fussy eaters, however brain & digestive health is a true passion for me and my family. My mission is simple. I aim to create simple delicious & tasty juices that kids will love.